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  • 3 – 4 pounds Ribs, pork or beef (I like pork best!)
  • 1 jar Texas on the Plate Bodacious Soppin’ Sauce
  • 1/2 jar Adam’s Reserve Asian Spice
  • Adam’s Reserve Red Chile Flakes
  • 1 bunch Green Onions, sliced

In a large bowl, season Ribs with Asian Spice, turning to coat all sides

Pour Soppin’ Sauce over and mix well, let sit for 20 minutes or overnight is fine

Place Ribs on foil covered baking sheet and bake in 50 degree oven for one hour, baste with remaining Sauce Mixture after 30 minutes

Remove from oven and place on serving platter, pour any remaining juices over Ribs.

Sprinkle to taste with Red Chile Flakes and garnish with Green Onion Slices

  • 1 container Fully Cooked Pork Carnitas
  • 1 jar That Green Sauce
  • 1 jar Cookwell & Company Queso (Fat Free and Sugar Free)
  • 1 can Crisp and Sweet Corn, drained
  • 1 can Charro Beans, drained
  • 1 bag Shredded Mexican Blend Cheese
  • 12 Corn Tortillas
  • Pico de Gallo

Heat Pork in large pot over medium high heat with 1/2 cup water, break meat apart and cut any large chunks into bite sized pieces.

When hot add:  Green Sauce, Queso, Corn and Beans, mix well to incorporate and heat until bubbling

Tear Corn Tortillas into quarters and place half the torn pieces in bottom of 13 X 9 inch baking dish

Top with half the Pork Mixture, then half the Cheese

Repeat layer with remainder of ingredients, ending with Shredded Cheese

Bake in 375 degree oven for 20 minutes, until golden brown

Remove from oven and place on serving dishes and garnish with Pico de Gallo

  • 2 pounds Pork, cubed
  • 1 jar Texas on The Plate Pasilla de Oaxaca
  • 2 medium Zucchini, cut into chunks
  • 1 – 16 ounce bag Carrot Chips
  • 1 can Sweet ‘n Crisp Corn
  • Adam’s Reserve Southwest Ancho Sear ‘n Crust







Heat Olive Oil in Dutch oven or heavy pot over medium high heat; meanwhile, coat pork with olive oil and then season with Southwest Ancho Sear ‘n Crust.  Place in hot oil and sear all sides until browned.

Add Pasilla de Oaxaca, corn, zucchini and carrot chips, stir to incorporate.

Cover and simmer until meat is done and carrots are tender.  Add Central Market Organics Vegetable Broth if needed.

Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 20 minutes Serves 6-8

  • 1 medium Spaghetti Squash (2 pounds) or pasta of your choice
  • 1/3 cup shredded Parmesan Cheese
  • ½ teaspoon Adams House Rub or salt, pepper and garlic
  • 1 pound H-E-B Light Pork Sausage
  • 1 tablespoon Adam’s Reserve Classic Italian Bread Dipper Spices
  • ½ – 1 jar Green Valley Ranch Smokehouse Sauce
  • 1 bag fresh spinach


  1. Cut squash in half, lengthwise, scrape away seeds and stringy bits with spoon. Place halves in microwave safe baking dish and microwave on high for 7-10 minutes or until tender.
  2. Pull strands of squash away from skin with fork; transfer to mixing bowl. Toss with oil and cheese; season with House Rub.
  3.  In meantime: brown sausage with Italian herbs in large non-stick skillet until no longer pink, drain. Add sauce and spinach, stir to mix in spinach and cook until wilted. Place squash on platter and top with Sausage mixture