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These Potatoes are wonderful with Beef or Pork, especially Ham

  • 5 pounds Potatoes
  • 1 jar Robert’s Reserve Onion Blossom & Horseradish Dip
  • 1 stick unsalted Butter







Peel and cube Potatoes, boil in salted water until tender

Drain and mash Poatoes with Butter, mix in Onion Blossom & Horseradish Dip

  • 1 – 2.2 pound bag Fully Cooked Homestyle Meatballs
  • 1 jar or more Robert’s Reserve Raspberry Chipotle Sauce








Heat Meatballs in microwave, place in crock pot on warm or in chaffing dish, pour Raspberry Chipotle Sauce over and mix to incorporate.

This Dip is so quick and easy.  Perfect if friends drop over unexpectedly or if you want to perk up your party.

Also wonderful on toasted English muffins on a cold morning!

  • 1 – 12 ounce container Whipped Cream Cheese
  • 1/2 jar Robert’s Reserve Roasted Pineapple and Habanero
  • Walnut Pieces

Mix Cream Cheese and Roasted Pineapple and Habanero together until well incorporated.

Place on Serving Dish and garnish with Walnut Pieces……..done!

  • 8 ounce package Mascarpone Cheese
  • 1/2 bottle Robert’s Reserve Raspberry Chipotle Sauce
  • 2 tubes Crescent Rolls







Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Combine Mascarpone and Raspberry Chipotle in mixing bowl until well incorporated.







Line cookie sheet with foil.  Place heaping teaspoon of Cheese Mixture on Crescent piece and roll up.









Bake until golden brown.







Remove from oven and let cool prior to placing on Serving Dish, great with Red Wine!

  • 2 pounds Eggplant (about 2 large eggplants)
  • Adams Reserve Garam Masala
  • 1 jar Robert’s Reserve Roasted Red Pepper and Onion
  • Ottavio Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 cup uncooked Wild and Brown Rice Blend

Cook Rice according to package directions. 

Cut Eggplant in half lengthwise and score cut side with diamond pattern, generously drizzle Olive Oil over Eggplant, sprinkle 2 tablespoons Garam Masala on each half and then drizzle more Olive Oil over.

Bake in 400 degree oven for 45 minutes or until very soft.

Remove from oven and scrape flesh from skin and discard skin.

Cut Eggplant into bite sized pieces and mix in jar of Roasted Red Pepper and Onion

Serve with Rice and Crispy Breadsticks

  • 2 Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix
  • 1 jar Robert’s Reserve Roasted Red Pepper & Onion
  • 1 jar Relish That Corn
  • 1 cup Shredded Mexican Blend Cheese
  • 2 tablespoons Adams Reserve House Rub
  • 2 Eggs

Mix all ingredients together until well incorporated, about 3 minutes by hand

Place in 13 X 9 inch baking dish and bake for 25 to 30 minutes in 350 degree oven or until lightly browned

Makes a marvelous side dish for any meal!

  • Pangasius Fillets
  • Ottavio Olive Oil
  • Adam’s Reserve Peppercorn & Garlic Sear-n-Crust
  • Robert’s Reserve Onion Blossom & Horseradish Sauce
  • Coleslaw

Heat Olive Oil in heavy Skillet over medium high heat.  Coat Fillets with Olive Oil and season heavily with Peppercorn & Garlic Sear-n-Crust

Fry Fillets in Olive Oil until Golden Brown

Mix Slaw with Onion Blossom & Horseradish Sauce

Place pieces of Fish in Corn Tortilla and top with Slaw

  • 2 pounds Fresh Tilapia Filets
  • Ottavio Olive Oil
  • Adam’s Reserve Jamaican Jerk Seasoning
  • Robert’s Reserve Pineapple Coconut Mango Tequila Sauce

Heat Olive Oil in heavy skillet, in the meantime, coat Tilapia Fillets with Olive Oil and Season heavily with Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

Fry Tilapia over medium high heat until done

Serve with Pineapple Coconut Mango Tequila Sauce

  • 1 Red Cabbage, cored, quartered and cut into 1/4 inch slices
  • 1 jar Robert’s Reserve Roasted Red Pepper and Onion
  • 1 large Granny Smith Apple, cored and diced
  • 1 cup Pinot Noir
  • 4 tablespoons Graisse de Canard (Duck Fat)

Core and chop Cabbage

Dice Apple

Heat Dutch oven or heavy pot with lid over high heat and melt Graisse de Canard.

Stir in Cabbage and stir to coat with Fat.  Add Wine, Apple Roasted Red Pepper and Onion, mix to incorporate well.

Bring to a boil, cover and simmer for one hour or more until Cabbage is tender and silky

Serve and Enjoy

  • 2 cups Shredded Carrots
  • 1 cup Shredded Beets
  • 1/2 jar Robert’s Reserve Moroccan Sauce
  • Fresh Mint Leaves for Garnish

Grate Carrots and Beets

Place in mixing bowl and add Moroccan Sauce, mix to incorporate

Garnish with Fresh Mint, Delightful Colors and Taste